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My teaching philosophy and artistic viewpoint combines a broad spectrum of dance experience and pedagogical techniques.   I teach all levels of Contemporary Modern, Ballet, Pointe and Jazz dance techniques, Partnering, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Beginner to Advanced Mat and Apparatus Pilates.  The theory courses that I teach include Dance History, and Philosophy, Pedagogy, Arts Administration, Dance Management, Experiential Anatomy, Nutrition for Dancers, and Dance Composition.  I draw from multiple methodologies of dance in my teaching and constantly use a variety of mediums in my creative work.  Individual technique classes are athletic and thorough, and over the course of the semester I cover a range of styles, acknowledging their cultural, historical, and somatic contexts.

Classes are energetic, positive, and supportive, where I set expectations and goals, and measure progress within each class. In every class I seek to inspire risk, investigation and choice as a means of artistic discovery and unique perspective. In addition to an understanding of technique, I incorporate the knowledge of kinesiology, somatics, dance history and current theoretical trends into every class.  I focus on creating a container for versatility, abandon, athleticism and specificity, while addressing personal artistry with regard to technical execution and performance. Students learn to work innovatively with physical vocabulary in order to execute a wide range of advanced and diverse movement.  I strongly believe that modeling a well-rounded dancer/thinker point of view for my students encourages them to achieve the same for themselves. I encourage finding the artist in the student and an exchange in the room.  I look towards each new teaching experience as an opportunity to better my own skills as an educator and further my understanding of effective art making.

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