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My artistic practice begins with a fundamental belief that dance is a means of communication that can connect one to others and to our truest selves. Currently my research has been focusing on improvisational scores where I serve as a performer and co-director.  In this role I am interested in movement that foregrounds collaborative authorship and the blurred lines between choreography and improvisation. This template creates a shared physical language sourced from embodied logics and aesthetic—from the liminal spaces between those allegiances—and activates choreographic choices, raising fundamental questions about physical logic and what makes a dance. I have performed, presented and taught internationally on collaborative authorship in dance making, where I am reminded that I have much to share, but am continually craving to learn more and creating with others. I look to grow, expand, explore and implore different viewpoints, methodologies and lenses from other artists and thinkers into my artistic practice. Making, creating and bridging connections with others globally pushes the “creative risk” that I find invaluable as an artist. I find these experiences are invaluable as they inform the scope of what it means to be a working artist in the current dance landscape.


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